10-12. June: Prague - Dresden

06/10 In Prague, we started by climbing up this cycle track (with stairs).

06/10 These road near the Vltava river looks beautiful, but is kind of hard to use.

06/10 Small break at the riverside.

06/10 Martin mastered all challenges.

06/10 This is the point, where the two rivers Vltava and Elbe (Labe) are flowing together. We discovered a third river: The rain coming from ahead.

06/11 Flat tire at Martin's recumbent bicycle.

06/11 Our provisions, bought with our last Czech money. Müsliriegel!!!

06/12 Incredible. The Bastei in the Elbsandsteingebirge. One of the loveliest spots I have sawn so far.

06/12 This is Dresden. See the Frauenkirche which is renovated from it's original bricks. The building in the middle is the Semperoper. The building on the right side is the Hofkirche.

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