The route through Argentina (first entry):

10/20 downhill !!!! (from 4000 to 1300m)

10/25 That's what I was looking forward to since month.

10/27 ┬┐Hola, que tal?

10/30 In central Argentina - the temperature went up to 38 degrees

10/31 ;-) Nr. 24 - Ice cold!

11/02 long time ago, the trains were crossing the street here

11/05 Thousands of water filled bottles to commemorate the woman who, as the story goes, has given her life for her starving child.

11/06-07 In the 'very German' Villa General Belgrano, I visited my uncle. The Cordoba newspaper 'La Voz' wrote an article about it

11/06 My beloved tend had faded away, it was replaced with the help of Hilleberg. Thanks!

10/15 Just before Mendoza, I celebrated with the 25th beer.

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