Canada - British Columbia (2)

The route in Canada - Britsh Columbia:

08/24 Preparing the breakfast: Müsli

08/25 Train close to Golden

08/25 Bicycle close to the train close to Golden

08/25 Another .000 down. The traditional celebration drink is a little bit to intensive at 7:30 am. I consumed it later at the campground.

08/25 Scary tunnel.

08/27 Into the Okanagan Valley. Reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea.

08/28 Elberadweg sign in Canada???

08/29 Love the cherries

08/29 Toscana-style camping in the Okanagan Valley.

08/29 View over Kalamalka Lake

08/30 Beach in the town of Kelowna. Yes, this is still Canada.

09/03 The base for the good wine from the Okanagan Valley.

09/02 Riding the Kettle Valley Trail. The trail uses a rail corridor that was originally built 1915 for the now-abandoned Kettle Valley Railway.

09/05 The trail was very sandy at many places.

09/03 Reading "experienced cyclists' trail", they had me on the hook. I made it, but - this was a intense mountain bike trail. Haha

09/04 Great place to stay this night...

with that view:

09/09 The first leave - a sign of autumn - get going Klaus: South!

09/10 Skyline of Vancouver

09/11-12 More impressions of Vancouver

09/17 Vancouver Island - not only autumn is coming. Halloween seems to be close too.

09/17 The 6.000 km beer at my birthday !

09/17 Victoria, the capital of BC on Vancouver Island. The house in the middle with the arc-shaped window is the youth hostel. And the dorm with 44 beds in one room is just behind this arc. Good night.

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