Porto - Lisbon

11/24 Breakfast at Porto youth hostel

11/24 Crossing river Douro on the lower level of the big bridge. Supplies for the first couple of km is hanging from the handlebar bag.

11/25 In a pub, somewehere in a rural small town, I met Laurentino Mendes, the "Campeao Nacional de fundo" of 1962 and 1963

11/55 Avairo youth hostel. A little bit of extravagance for me this night: I took a single room (20 Euro incl. breakfast).

11/26 I enjoyed my lunch with these gentlemen at my table.

11/26 Somewhere in forgotten Portugal

11/27 The weather... yes... the weather... sometimes... / Hiding for a moment in a bus stop.

11/27 In Marinha Grande, I met Erasmos Koyrvissiawos, who just came from Greece - all on the bike ... naturally ;-)

11/27 Golden light in Nazare.

11/28 The chance to fill up the supplies.

11/28 Camping in a quite small tipi in Ericeira

11/29 Sintra

11/29/2009 Cabo da roca, the most western point of continental Europe.

11/29/2003 Exactly 6 years after the Europe trip 03 (see Europe 2003 on the Web site menu to the left), I was back.

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