07/05 Crossed back into Finland.

07/08 Quite early in the morning, I left Rovaniemi behind me...

07/08 ...just to cross the Arctic circle 10 km later.

07/08 Here is the real home of Santa Klaus. Every time of the year.

07/08 Still some night here.

07/10 As much forest as you like.

07/10,11 A reindeer, and more. From now on, I will see them every day.

07/10 At the campground in Ivalo, I had some drinks with two nuclear physicists from the University of St. Petersburg and their families.

07/11 Inari. A little reindeer at lunch with Dominique from Switzerland, on his way to the North Cape too.

07/12 Lake Inari.

07/12 Building of a typical Finish house.

07/13 North of the Inari lake. My last kilometers in Finland.

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