05/11 Entering Finland

05/11 I needed a break (e.g. to update this webpage) - so I checked into a room in a more serious motel in Uusikaupunki.

05/15 Impressions from Pori

05/16 Still with bicycle

06/16 So much sun, it is a pleasure to ride the bike, just the chocolate melts and the cookies glue together.

06/17 Office day at the camping ground in Mericarvia. You see here 2 different instances of Klaus Ku. from Germany. Both on the way North.

06/19 wearing rain clothes.

06/20 Here, I had an accident with Klaus. He stopped abruptly and I was not fully concentrated for a second. So, I ran into him. This resulted in a severe bended fork and a broken low-rider, responsible for carrying the front bags. No more cycling is possible that way.

06/21 I tried to repair the bike, I checked with a couple of bicycle shops, exchanged some parts, tested other. The forks were not compatible. The fixes we did were never sufficient for a trip into the remote areas of Scandinavia. I had to order the parts from my dealer in Germany.

06/20 This gave me enough time to read the press. All about the big Stockholm event: The marriage of Victoria, the Crown Princess of Sweden.

06/23 Further more, I did some sight seeing in Vaasa,

06/22 updated my iPhone to iOS 4 at the Camping,

06/23 watched the nature

06/23 and enjoyed the incredible sun of midsummer.

06/29 Finally, after 10 days, the package with my spare parts from Germany has arrived and I fixed the bicycle.

06/30 This is what the grass look like after I have removed my tent.

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