Arendal, Oslo

07/18 Arendal: Rein, the friendly Fisherman, who invited me into his house for a week, showed me the whole area around Arendal. See his colleague approaching.

07/18 Arendal: At this very moment, I told Rein about my bias for all seafood, especially crab. As a modern fisherman, he flicked his mobile and gave his friend a call. So he docked on our nutshell like boat and threw over a big hand of fresh crabs - delicious!

07/18 Arendal: We rescued the sunk experimental boat of one of The other Arendal guys. He was inspired by the people from the South Sea, but was not as experienced as them (this time) ...

07/19 Arendal: Rein is successful fisherman!

07/21 Arendal: And beside angling, he is doing serious fishing as well.

07/22 Arendal: At this time in Arendal, the First-Class boats were racing for the world championship. Rein was very much focusing on the helicopterÂ…

07/22 Arendal: Â…as Rein himself is a real pilot, which can be seen here. Unfortunately his Mach I plane crashed a month after this picture was taken. :-(

07/25 Oslo: I visited the great Vigeland Park.

07/25 Oslo: Absolutely impressive, Especially the monolith terrace.

07/25 Oslo: Rune, my colleague, who offered me his home for two days, did this touristy posing. I have to say: not without complaining and emphasising that his lens cap was still on. BTW: Rune, did I propose to not show this picture to anyone? I can not remember... ;-)

07/25 Oslo: The town hall. I like the straight clear lines. Rune said, it looks like a couple of Norwegian Geitost goat cheese blocks.

07/25 Oslo: The Oseberg Viking boat from end of the 19th/beginning of 20th century.

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