People, I met on my way  

 11/08 - near Almuñécar: Harry Wagenaar from Zaandam, Holland. He left home 6 weeks ago and is going to continue his journey in Africa for the next 4 month. His is a member of a Dutch bicyclist organization Wereldfietser.

 11/08 - near Salobreña: Kerstin, Tim and Malou and the two donkeys Artax and Zilli from Munich, Germany. The small family started 4 years ago in Munich and walked all the way down through France, Spain and Portugal. These people are on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem , never take any other means of transportation than their own foot, sleep outside in the fields and eat all the food raw. Kerstin even rejects bread.

 11/13 - Punta del Esparto in the Sierra del Gata: Matthias from Hofheim, Germany. He travels 6 weeks by bike in Andalusia.

 11/13 - Las Negras: Christopf, who studies geology in Granada and Teresa from Berlin, Germany. These two are using a couple of spare days from some discovering tours in the south-eastern end of Spain.

 11/18 - near Torrevieja: Peter Schraa, who lives near Amsterdam, Holland has a very unorthodoxly way to pack his luggage on the bike. But in the end, he's got all the things he needed rigged on his bike and made his way cross Europe.