Malaga - Valencia Valencia - Barcelona

11/23 After the decision to leave the flat, but very buzy costal route, I had to climb a couple of passes.

11/23 A nice house in the setting sun.

11/23 Morella, a town on top of a small hill, I had to climb.

11/24 Sheep, sawn from a bridge.

11/24 Valderrobres. A village that hasn't looked very promising when I approached it from the south, but revealed its beauty as soon as I reached the centre.

11/25 That night, the weather had changed and I could really feel the hight of about 1000m in November.

11/27 Las ramblas: I have reached Barcelona!

11/28 The fabulous architecture of Gaudi.

A great farewell from Barcelona.
CU next time...

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